Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hogwarts & Cheap Tarts

Sienna Miller and Daniel Radcliffe have been on my TV every time I've turned it on in the last 24 hours. Early morning to late night. Every talk show on the planet. They must be exhausted...I know I'm tired of seeing them. At least Sienna managed to not drop the 'F' bomb again, although perhaps she did, and they censored her. Such a lady.

I did notice that she was wearing a significant amount of make-up, and she actually looks better all caked up.

She said her new clothing line '2812' is due out soon in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman shortly. Funny that such a cheap tart managed to rank so high dollar with a fashion line. Go figure. More overpriced junk that I won't be buying.


Miss Forthright said...

She always looks like a mess to me. What's she doing having her own clothing line?!

M said...

Yes, her hair and make-up usually look like 'the morning after', even though it's still the night before.

I'm curious as to who will be buying these clothes -- those stores are too expensive for most tarts her age, and the clothing is likely to be too tacky and tasteless for most everyone else. So just who is the customer?

Miss Forthright said...

Search me. I saw her in a dress from the range the other day, and the dress was really nice- a black, demure number. Not her usual bag, though.

What REALLY wound me up was that she was quoted in a magazine saying 'I don't wear make up' when she always appears with about an inch of kohl around her eyes and christ knows how much mascara.

By the way, how are Posh and Becks settling in over there?!

M said...

Funny that you should ask. My husband was just reading the morning paper, and he commented that Posh's new reality show 'Coming to America' or some debuting tonight. Then he said something like...'you know, I just don't get her, and I don't see how she's going to do all that well. She seems to have such a flat personality, and she's groomed up but not really beautiful..And certainly can't sing.' So that's his take, for what it's worth. LOL

I did read that she sort of 'insulted' people in L.A. by mentioning to the press how much people there 'dress down' in sweats for the Starbucks trip, and she's a bit too glam for that. That will no doubt win friends and influence people! :)

Don't know how they'll do, but the marketing and PR on them have certainly cranked up.

Miss Forthright said...

Well, in a world where a stupid heiress with a face like a sleepy duck and numerous pink dresses is constantly front page news, who knows, they might just do ok. Posh is a fashionista these days, isn't she? Or so she'd have us believe. David was an excellent footballer a few years ago but he's certainly not top of his game anymore. He's just a pretty face.

I imagine her reality show might get a longer run. She's a pouty twit in photos but when she talks she comes over as slightly warmer and quite likeable- not that I am a fan.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I really hate Sienna, she drives me mad. (Bit late in commenting, am catching up with all the blogs I read!)