Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The double standard is alive and well.

Seems Los Angeles' mayor (married, 2 kids) has been publicly caught having an affair with a female news anchor from the largest Spanish TV network covering L.A. City Hall. He's been caught, red-handed, full public confession after, of course, denying it all.

So what's happened? The female news anchor has been put on leave by Telemundo while they investigate whether or not the affair breached journalistic standards.

And the mayor? Oh, he publicly apologized, but he continues to go to work every day, like nothing is amiss.

What happened to the good ole days, when public people who were caught doing bad things had the decency to resign and go away?

And why is it always the woman in these situations who gets the hammer? Why shouldn't the mayor - public leader, older and wiser, would-be role model -- be reprimanded in some way?

The legacy of Bill Clinton lives on.

Oh, yeah, and the mayor's a Democrat, so the press is giving him a pass. If he'd been a Republican, he'd been drawn and quartered by now. And he probably would have resigned in shame.

Double standards indeed.

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