Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Random stuff from the long holiday weekend:

1. Spent most of it painting on the townhouse. While I'm there, I think it looks pretty fab. When I leave and recall it, I fear I may have overdone it. I keep looking at the digital pix I took to feel better about it. I wish I could get a fabulous gay man in there to further assess it for me. I have amateur decorator insecurity syndrome and need a 'taste' check.

2. Ate at the sushi/Asian fusion place across the street not once but twice over the weekend. The food is terrific and people watching superb. I feel sure we will frequent the place as soon as we move in and become downtown "locals". Dollar sushi on Monday nights. Yahoo. I may never cook again.

3. The hostess at the sushi place has a serious "Ramones" thing going. She looks just like Joey. Even her skinny jeans are anorexic. I wondered where she had stored away her vital organs, as she surely wasn't carrying them anywhere. She looked like a cartoon character. We have henceforth knicknamed her "Ramona". I will probably be seeing a lot of Ramona and her anorexic jeans.

4. It rained on and off all weekend, but mostly 'on' whenever we headed for the door anywhere. I had rainhead all weekend, but so did everyone else.

5. My shitzuh has officially become the world's cutest dog. We took him with us to do the painting, and he was perfect. I've never seen a happier being. He's just hap-hap-happy all the time, no matter where he is. I'm told it's in the breed. Hundreds of years of Chinese guys mixing just the right dogs together. I'm wondering, why can't we breed people to be this happy?

6. Oh! Big news -- we now have a contract on the other townhouse. Sold! And the people who bought it are nuttier than we are -- they are moving from a 5000 sf $2M home in the swanky part of town to this little townhouse. And why? They want to go urban, just like us. I feel we are on the front edge of a trend here. I almost feel cool.

7. As predicated, "Stairway to Heaven" is still #1 on the countdown of the top 500 classic rock songs. One of my personal faves, 'Gimme Shelter' was #37, way too far down the list. I feel it wasn't given adequate props.

8. My fingernails look like rats have been chewing on them after the weekend painting fiesta.

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