Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I simply do not get this.

Over the past week, Hollywood harlet and rehab-candidate-du-jour, Lindsey Lohan, has been making the press rounds to promote her latest movie bomb that came out this weekend. I don't usually pay attention to this brat, but she was practically everywhere over the last few days, and I couldn't seem to avoid her. She was like a germ being passed from talk show to talk show, morning and night.

Here's the part I just don't get. The fawning. The constant fawning. And not by teenage boys....but by adults!

It started on Letterman. Dave practically fell all over himself to tell her over and over again how beautiful and stunning she is in person. It was almost embarrassing to hear him dripping all over her like that, prompting the audience to applaud her fabulous gorgeousness over and over again. He almost couldn't carry on a conversation for having to stop and fawn over her. It was pathetic.

Then, she popped up in the morning cooking with Martha Stewart. In between stirring the batter for whatever they were making, Martha kept interrupting the conversation flow to tell Lindsey how simply stunning and beautiful she is in person, prompting the audience to once again applaud her fabulous gorgeousness over and over again.

And what put me over the top on this today was seeing a headline that Lindsey Lohan tops the Maxim Hot 100 list. According to whoever votes on this, she is the most beautiful, gorgeous and fabulous woman on the planet.

Wow. I am just not getting this. I mean she's okay, but I'd rank her as slightly above average on a good day, and downright crusty and skanky on a bad day. That's her range, as far as I can tell.

Now maybe she's one of those chicks who is breathtaking in person but just doesn't do the camera all that well. Maybe she's really fabulously gorgeous, and I'm just not seeing it from here. Because I'm really not....

I could never figure out why this girl is in demand and who it is that keeps putting her in movies. They all bomb, which says to me that there really isn't a big demand out here to see this girl in anything. So who keeps writing the checks for that, and when will they get tired of losing all that money?

Whenever there's some "IT" girl who pops up in Hollywood (who doesn't live up to the goddess hype), I always think it's just some sort of collective conspiracy to convince us all that she's fabulously gorgeous, no matter what our eyes may be telling us. Like somehow they paid off Letterman and Martha Stewart to do the whole over-fawning thing, thinking we'd all buy it. (Well if Dave and Martha say she's fabulously gorgeous in person, then she must be.....) Well guess what. I'm not buying it. And by the take on movie ticket sales over the weekend for her bomb-du-jour, neither are most other people out there.

The good news is that her shelf life in Hollywood should be limited, and we probably won't have to put up with her forever. Soon enough, she'll disappear, and they'll all be fawning over someone else. And it's highly likely that I won't get them either. Maybe it's just me. *sigh*


SandDancer said...

My favourite story about her recently was that she had the word 'breathe' tattooed on her hand in white to remind herself to breathe! I'd rather she hadn't reminded herself.

M said...


I understand that these people are "packaged" and "marketed" like some sort of product. But what I don't understand is...who is buying this product? Maybe I'm just too old, but I don't personally know anyone who is.

I've asked my husband for the male perspective, and he doesn't get it either. He finds her (and Paris, Jessica, Nicole, et al) neither sexy nor interesting.

In trying to understand the "business model" around this...who is buying and who is finding a way to make money on this...all I can figure is that there must be a heavy dollar volume coming from the 14-year old crowd who have way too much discretionary allowance. Endless money, and absolutely no taste.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I saw that clip of her with Martha Stewart. How annoying. It made me sick! And when she told her how beautiful she was Lindsay gasped and said Oh my god!! Like she had never been told it before.

She is so annoying!

M said...

I know. She's annoying. It's not even like she's moderately attractive but her stellar personality and charisma win you over. She's flat...and her personality isn't even cute. I can't find any major redeeming qualities in this girl...at least not on my TV screen.