Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Other End

And here's the other end of the room, kitchen and dining (pardon the handbag, et al on the island). I've done it a little less neutral, used more of the sable and peanut butter to cozy up the space. This shot also captures the dark/black granite on the countertops and the slate tile, from whence I plan to take an ice blue and carry it throughout the house in accent touches -- pillows, rugs and a little paint in the kitchen.

It's a project. And it could all change if I don't like it in the end! :)


Miss Forthright said...

I like the hues of the paint- it all seems very relaxing. Nice place you got there, M.

M said...

Thanks. This seems to be my form of art, my hobby -- to take a bare space and decorate it. And as soon as it's all done, I'm bored with it and ready to start over again in another space. I think I should have been a decorator by trade. With some training, I might have actually been good at it! :)