Saturday, May 26, 2007

Retail by Design

I spent yesterday in the Dallas Design District looking at furniture with a friend who is an interior designer. All of the furniture showrooms there are open only to "the trade" and so I was finally able to get in to see the cream of the crop furnishings rather than just whatever I can find in the local retail stores on my own.

Here's the good news. With my friend's trade status, I am able to buy furnishings at 40-50% off retail. Whoo hoo!

Here's the bad news. Literally, 50% off of those prices are still significantly higher than paying 100% of the retail prices I'm used to seeing in the "regular" stores that allow access to us mere non-design mortals.

So now I'm not sure what to do. I mean, sure, I can get higher quality and edgier design in the Design District. And if I ever entertain the gay, hip crowd at a cocktail party in my home, they will be fabulously impressed.

But I'm thinking that's not worth twice the price (or more). The practical side of me says I can shop regular ole retail, albeit lower quality and generally of "knock-off" status, and still make the place look pretty rockin'.

So while I may have to disappoint my friend, I still think regular old retail is probably the way to go. As cool as things were yesterday, I can't see parting with $13,000 for that really great sofa. My shitzuh will love it equally at about a quarter of that price, truly. He doesn't mind retail. :) And neither do I.

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

:-/ defo retailness. And the comment about your shitzuh liking it too is a good point to take into consideration X