Friday, May 4, 2007

One and Done

The entire Dallas metroplex is walking around in an embarrassed state today after the Mavericks have just allowed the biggest upset in NBA Playoff history. After burning up the charts and winning a record number of games in the regular season, they lost to Golden State in the first round of the playoffs in a humiliating fashion.

The Mavs came into the playoffs as the #1 seed, expected to take it all and were summarily defeated by the #8 seed in 5 games of a best of 7 series. This is like the biggest upset ever in the history of the world of sports. Or at least it feels like it this morning.

What's the point of being basketball gods during the regular season when you're going to walk into the playoffs -- where it really counts -- and barf all over the court?

By the way, they did it last year, too. They got to the NBA finals against the Miami Heat, had the series won hands down and were on their way to their first NBA championship. It was so one-sided, the Miami fans were leaving the arena and congratulating Dallas fans mid-game. Then all of a sudden, they forgot how to play basketball. It was like somebody turned off a switch. They literally died on the court in a single play and never recovered, handing Miami the trophy on a platter.

So here we are again, but in an even more embarrassing position -- we couldn't even beat the worst team in the playoffs in a series of seven games. And we're the team with the best NBA record! Aargh!

The entire city is in a bad, bad mood today. People wearing brown paper bags over their heads, staring at the ground, muttering to themselves. It's likely that incidents of road rage are up this morning.

What an embarrassment.


SandDancer said...

My OH is a big basketball fan and he was shocked this morning when he checked out the score from the Dallas game. An upset like that has only happened twice before.

M said...

Dirk Novitzki has some 'splainin to do. That's for sure.

Caroline said...

Tell me about it...We're huge Mavericks fans, but live in Spurs territory and really the only Maverick games we get to watch all season are the playoffs. I am terribly, horribly disappointed.