Monday, May 7, 2007

Local Yocals

Why does local television feel the need to produce and broadcast their own daily morning show? I don't mean a news show, I mean a local, human interest/talk show broadcast only to the local metro area.

Every morning after the networks have done their morning dance, a local station in Dallas airs yet another 'morning show', like we just couldn't get through the day without that. The worst part is that they cover the same things over and over again, sometimes in a single week.

I can't count the number of "maternity fashion shows" for the "stylish mom-to-be" they've aired. Then there's cooking with a local chef...again. Then we talk about the weather that we've already spent too much time talking about on the regular news. Then there's some local home decorator who must share the latest home fashions with us....again. Then there's always some expert on how to be the perfect parent, and the local mortgage king who shares 'how to get you into your dream home for next to nothing.' And the worst, the absolute worst is when they manage to land a celebrity -- any celebrity, usually someone from the 'D' list -- and they fall all over themselves, fawning over the 'star' in their midst. It's just pathetic. Nothing is worse than a talk show host getting all giddy over some over-blown, has-been celebrity doing some lowly PR rounds.

I'm not even really watcing's just 'on' in the background while I'm blogging and fixing breakfast, et al. And it's just so annoying.

Local television is the worst, no matter where you are....even in New York City. Must just be the nature of the beast.


Caroline said...

Thankfully, we do not have a morning show locally. I agree with you on local newscasting - although in my experience DFW is really good. Here in south TX, two of our 3 stations are pretty decent. I've been in BIG cities that had terrible local news. Go figure...

M said...

The local newscasting is not all that bad here. It's the morning show, where they try to entertain us that's awful. By the way, local shows are pretty bad everywhere, in my opinion, some worse than others. With all the network choices availble, I don't even know why they even bother to do one.

By the way, I grew up right outside of Corpus Christi, so I know BAD local television.