Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fashion Court?

Yesterday, while waiting in the hallway at the Dallas County courthouse, I couldn't help but 'people watch'. I wondered if I was in 'Fashion Court' instead of Family Court. Here are my observations:

- The majority of men wear suits that don't fit.

- Women should endeavor to wear what looks good on them and not what's "in".

- Plus-sized women should think twice before donning a mini-skirt. Layered knees are simply not attractive.

- Women should pay attention to the level of 'muffin top' billowing out over their low-rise jeans. It isn't attractive on anyone and is downright distracting on the 'supersized' muffin girl.

- Hosiery companies are likely going out of business just about now. Not one female was wearing panty hose, not even with a business suit. I had visions of massive layoffs going on at the L'eggs Corporation.

- Most people, male and female, wear bad shoes.

- A lot of people need to cut the '70s out of their hair. Mostly the men.

- Bald men feel the need to have facial hair. I guess it proves something they can't prove on the tops of their heads.

- Large, busy prints look good on no one.

- 'The Ultimate Guide to Cell Phone Etiquette' is not a best seller.

- TV lawyers are a lot better looking than real lawyers.

- The lifespan of a bad tie is forever.

The fashion police could have cleaned up in this place yesterday.


Miss Forthright said...

I agree with all of this, particularly point 2 about wearing what suits people rather than what's in! One look around our town here would make your jaw drop- big girls in skinny jeans and boots, slim girls wearing shapeless tops and dresses- bad, bad, bad.

M said...

I was embarrassed for a lot of people there. What made it worse is that many of them were highly paid professionals -- lawyers, legal assistants, counselors, etc. The whole lot needed an extreme makeover. :)