Friday, May 4, 2007

Minute Men

There is some upside to what I just posted about the Mavericks.

I really like to go to pro basketball games....but I hate watching them on TV. I find them really boring on the screen. My husband, however, loves to watch and seems to be able to find a Mavericks game on, no matter where we are. It's amazing. It's like he has an antenna on his head, and somehow there's always a Mavericks basketball game on my TV.

So finally, finally....there won't be. At least not for a while.

Which leads me to my theory on professional basketball. Seems like a game on TV takes forever to play. It's at least two solid hours (usually more) of running and shooting and dribbling and fouling, up and down the court, over and over and over again. Four quarters of this stuff, and it almost always seems to come down to a win in the very last minute or a tie, which sends it into overtime, for a win in a later very last minute.

So here's my theory -- all pro basketball games should only be one minute long. That's it. Sixty action-packed seconds. Because it seems like no matter how long they play, it always comes down to the last minute to decide who wins. So let's just cut to the chase and play only that last minute. Get it over with quickly, and move on.

My husband doesn't much subscribe to this idea, but it seems much more efficient to me.

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SandDancer said...

I like your theory. I've only ever seen two live games - both involving the Knicks at Madison Square Garden - one went into triple over-time which is apparently a rare event. I enjoyed it but it was more about being in MSG, the atmosphere around us etc - the game I didn't find that enthralling until nearer the end.