Monday, August 27, 2007

Step One

I'm in Florida this week. I didn't come for the usual reasons. I came to talk to a former colleague about a job opportunity. Yes, a JOB. I know, I can't believe it either. Let the hyperventilating begin.

But with the turn of events recently -- things that shall remain undescribed but keep me awake at night -- I feel like it's the thing to do -- try to go back to work. And this opportunity is a good one, so I'm thankful to have a shot at it.

I spent the morning talking to the CEO. He's invited me back on Wednesday for more discussion. I hope that's a good sign.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. With the events of late, this is step one of the action plan needed to right the ship again.


SandDancer said...

Good luck. A job may be a good distraction for you - it sometimes helps to have something comparatively trivial to think about.

Miss Forthright said...

Fingers crossed for you!

M said...

Thanks all. Yes, I think a job would help save my sanity. Otherwise, I pace and think about trying to solve 'the problem', which I can't solve right now.

I have worked with these people before, so it would be a new challenge, yet some familiar footing.

Miss Forthright said...

Let us know what happens M. I know what you mean about needing to have something to occupy your mind with when you're troubled. My offer of talking over email still stands x