Friday, August 10, 2007

Good People, Bad Things

By nature, I'm a fairly optimistic husband far much more so. I generally have a positive outlook on life, at least giving it a fair shake of an assessment most of the time. But every once in a while...I do wonder why things happen.

I'm not really up for speaking about specifics here, but let's just say we've been dealt something recently that is potentially devastating, and we're in a bit of shock about it. And I'm trying to figure out why bad things happen to good people. I mean, I consider us to be good people -- we're not criminals, we're honest, we have compassion for others, we have good intent, and we're basic God-fearing, positive people. So why has this fallen upon us?

Believing in good charma and that the universe generally reflects back what you put out to it, I can't figure out why we've been handed this one to deal with. There must be a reason. Either we haven't been good people (contrary to my belief), or something good will eventually come of this in the end, and all will be exonerated, with us coming out as better people ultimately.

In the meanwhile, as we try to work through it, there will be many days of ups and downs, and I will try to keep my chin up and plow through it. Because....what other option do I have?


SandDancer said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that you having to deal with something else bad. You certainly don't deserve it (whatever it may be) but I don't think that is how life works sadly - every life has to have a certain amount of difficulty and sadness. But it does seem particularly unfair for you to have another trial to go through after what you've been through already this year.

Thinking of you and hoping for the best for you through cyberspace.

M said...

Thanks. Sadly, I don't think any of us knows how this life works. I certainly don't have it figured out.

I believe things will be okay in the end on this thing. The real tragedy is that the process to work through it to get to 'okay' has the ability to negatively impact our lives significantly. There's a sense of powerlessness that is almost crippling, and I have to figure out a way to deal with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are facing another bad thing. Hope you and your husband are ok.

I think we all have to deal with good and bad in life and unfortunately the bad things tend to come when we least expect them and often all at once, usually when we're least able to cope with them.

Your ability to be optimistic and continually find the positives in everything amazes me and that'll be the strength that gets your and your husband through this. The good times will be back - you deserve them

M said...

Thanks very much for your kind thoughts and comments. They are truly a comfort.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

not much to add, but v sorry to hear about this. Hope everything is ok M. xx