Friday, August 24, 2007

Prepare to Choke

Bad charma. I can't help but think it comes and bites people in the ass when they least expect it, and perhaps when they most deserve it.

Right now I'm thinking about the situation with Bridget Moynahan, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

Bridget, having dated Tom Brady for over three years, just gave birth to their son earlier this week. It's not even clear if Brady was actually present for the birth. He seems to be very busy flitting around the globe with the world's richest supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.

About the same time that Bridget is heaving and pushing and birthing Brady's son, Tom and Gisele are announcing their intent to wed, after what seems like a rather brief courtship (shorter than the Bridget-Tom relationship anyway), and Gisele is said to have started her search for a wedding gown. (Oh My!)

Now maybe I'm just old and uncool, but I can't help but think this is an ugly situation. I feel for Bridget Moynahan. She may be beautiful, rich and famous, but I would expect that she might choose to give up all of those things to have the father of her child with her, excited about her and the new baby, rather than announcing his wedding plans to the world's richest supermodel. No matter how 'modern and independent' of a woman you are, that has to hurt in a big way.

And apparently, Tom, America's football hero and all around good guy, is not an all-around good guy. He seems to be a bit of a cad if you ask me, and I think a lot of people have lost respect for him in all this, as they should.

Bad charma. Put it out there, and you'll have to breathe it back in someday. I just can't help but think that Mr. Brady will be choking on a lungful of it sooner or later.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I don't even know who they are, Tom and Brigit. Doesn't seem like something an 'all around good guy' would do though!

M said...

Bridget is an actress (most notably known as Big's Natasha on Sex & the City).

Tom is a big football hero quarterback in the NFL here in the states, sort of the 'golden boy'.

They dated for 3 years, broke up, and when she turned up p.g., he thumbed his nose at her and began publicly cavorting with Gisele. They weren't even quiet about it, appearing all over the globe in glamorous places like Paris together.

All the while, it seems like Bridget just went thru the pregnancy by herself, while Tom globetrotted with Gisele. And about the time Bridget had the baby, Tom & Gis began publicly discussing their wedding plans. What a cad. Do you think they could have waited or been a little more discreet about it? No class at all. Lots of money, no class.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Oh yes, I know who you mean now. I think that nowadays if you are a celeb, most of your breaks ups are very public and unfortunatly none of them have any class.

I read in the paper today Owen Wilson has tried to commit suicide?? What is that about, thats the first I heard of anything along those lines to do with him. The paper was placing blame on Kate Hudson, saying the same day he tried Kate was pictured 'canoodling' with her new man. I like Owen. I love Kate too though, I think she is absolutley stunning