Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Not Just a Job, It's an Adventure

Seriously thinking about going to work again and visiting the office for the first time yesterday, I am reminded of the good and the bad (besides the obvious ones) of going back to work. The peripheral things that affect your mood or your day just a little:


- Having to walk by people on break who stand just outside the building, smoking as furiously as they can. I hate walking through the cigarette smoke and the unhealthy vibe going on there just to get to the lobby. Why can't those people just kick the habit? If someone suddenly banned one of my habits from the building, I'd just give up the habit. It's hard to imagine that people will go stand in the rain just to suck down some nicotine. Give it up, already.

- Early morning traffic. Ugh.

- More dry cleaning.

- Having to tame my fear of elevators. Seems like nobody is located on a good, solid ground floor anymore. I can climb five flights of stairs daily, no problem. It's the customers I worry about -- when I go to places like New York or Chicago, it's almost a guarantee that my customer will be on the 400th floor of something. So I'll have to suck up my claustrophobia and ride into the sky again. Ugh.

- A growing office that will quickly be overcrowded. This means I'll likely get a cubicle rather than an office, which is something I'll just have to live with.

- Office politics. Ugh. Too many men vying for position, feeling threatened by a woman. What they don't know is that I don't have a political agenda; I just want to do good work to further the team's mission. But they never seem to get that, and so many of them are immediately intimidated by a tall, smart woman. They're like pathetic little boys, and I can't be bothered with most of them.


- When someone asked what I do, I will have an answer for them. Again. Finally.

- I can catch up on pop culture every morning by listening to the radio during rush hour drive-time. Amazing how behind one gets without access to that.

- Added confidence. Someone is paying me to do something, which means they must have some level of confidence in my abilities. That's always a boost, not just for career but for self-esteem in general.

- New clothes. I'll have to beef up the wardrobe again, and it'll be nice to put something stylish on every day and go forth into the world.

- Coming home at end of day. Something to look forward to and further appreciation of the domicile, a quiet respite from the world.

- Lunch breaks. I've missed those.

I'm sure that more will occur to me as time goes by, both good and bad. I'll view it as a whole new adventure and remain open to all the possibilities. Optimism makes things happen.


northern monkey said...

and counting down the minutes to the weekend on a Friday afternoon!

I am so with you on the smoke thing. Since the UK smoking ban came in, people are not allowed to smoke round doorways and entrances to building - it's been bliss at work not having to run the gauntlet of the fog of cigarette smoke at work.

Let's us know how you get on

M said...

I wish people here would get away from the doorways. I feel like I'm walking through a crowd of drug addicts standing around, getting their fix. Gives me the creeps.

People develop such bad habits and do such bad things to themselves. How does that happen?

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Can't remember where I went the other day, (it will have been a pub) and the small entrance was just full of people smoking in the cold and to actually get inside I had to say excuse me.

I thought the smoking ban was meant to get rid of this,not cause me to still smell of smoke whilst pushing my way through the door *shakes head*

Catslife said...

My work, banned staff from smoking at the entrances and have provided designated shelters behind the buildings. Mainly because it looks very untidy with people hanging about smoking & all the butts dropped.

Good luck on the start back M. Hope it goes well.