Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's a Girl To Do?

Okay, now the afore-mentioned problem (too many job options) is becoming a bad problem to have, because I need to make a decision. And I have never been so undecided over something in my life!

I have two good opportunities. Both have positives, both negatives. One has a friend and former colleague attached to it. The other has a brilliant equity play if I do well. One has some travel involved; the other has more travel involved....and while I don't mind travel, I don't want it to completely rob me of quality of home life (and I know it can). So I need to be careful there.

There's a lot more to consider, but I need to get to a decision point soon. The personal relationship is weighing heavily on me, but I can't let that sway me if the better career future is with the other job. And my colleague is not making it easy on me....attempting to influence me at every turn, as he really wants me to come on board with him. And I'd like to work with him, but not at the expense of the other opportunity, if it is the better career play. Ugh! Decisions!

Hopefully things will come to full light for me shortly. I'd hate to have to resort to a coin toss at the end of all this. This is far too important to let it rely on that.

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