Saturday, April 19, 2008

Decisions, Decisions....

This job decision thing has become a whirlwind of activity. My head is spinning. I have been back and forth all week, leaning one way on one day, the other way the next.

It has been very difficult. I have two opportunities which are both stellar. Both parties have been very accommodating and professional, and I've been made to feel like a prize catch by all. I wish I could take them both, and I will most certainly have some regrets over the other, no matter which one I take. Ugh!

It's actually gotten a bit crazy this week. Job #1 had pulled ahead on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, job opp #2 contacted me and asked me if I could 'come to Toronto tonight' to meet Mr. Big from the UK who had flown in for a meeting in Canada. What?

In response to that craziness, I actually went. I got on a flight and found myself in Toronto that night, with a short but effective 20-minute meeting with the head of the UK early the next morning. And apparently, I've been given the thumbs up, and they want me on board -- offer on the way, and I'd actually report up to Mr. UK's organization, though U.S.-based for now. Interesting.

So now I'm really leaning that direction. Overall, both are terrific career opportunities, but opp #2 has some unique features attached to it. Both have equally good compensation and interesting work. But #2 comes with a former mentor from a previous company (an executive who is terrific to work for), the opportunity to go global (literally) and do an ex-Pat package to the UK in the future, and it gives me the opportunity to have some flexibility of work location, which allows me to work from both Dallas and Florida (and do some home office).

All week, I've been fighting logic vs. emotion, personal loyalty vs. something all new, quality of life vs. career enhancement. In the end, I am asking myself a basic question: What excites me? That's the key. And I think job #2 excites me, mostly for the quality of life and life experience options it offers. I'm not seeing that so much in the other now.

I will have to make a final decision and communicate it on Monday. I dread that, because the other guys won't take it well, and I hope they don't make it even more difficult to say 'no'. Ideally, I'll try to find a way to exit gracefully while preserving the opportunity to revisit them in the future, if job #2 does not turn out well for me.

I so hate to disappoint people, and Monday will be very difficult for me. Ugh!

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Any decision made yet?

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