Sunday, November 4, 2007

Smart Car?

Yesterday, I test drove a Smartcar.

They're headed to the U.S. in January 2008.

I'm not sure I want one. I'm not sure I don't.

I wouldn't want to give up my other car for it. But it could be a fun little car to run around town in. Great gas mileage. Easy to park. Roomy enough for two. A novelty, at least for a while. Always thought they were really cute in Europe. But maybe that's because we didn't have them here.

Dunno. I'll think about it.


SandDancer said...

I don't drive but if I did I think these are a good idea for city living.

But some people were wary of them because they didn't feel the were very safe - not much to cushion the blow of a crash! Not sure how true this is though.

M said...

They have had to do a lot of crash testing before being allowed into the U.S.. Still, I do wonder how safe they'd be. If I were to buy one, I'd keep it off the freeway and would only drive it on city streets. It's a cute little thing but may not be a novelty here for long.

SandDancer said...

We've had them here a while and when they first arrived, I remember seeing whole garages devoted to them but I haven't seen much of them recently so perhaps they didn't quite take off or the novelty wore off.

Do you have a vespa or something similar already for nipping around town in?

M said...

Yes, I have a Vespa. Love scooting around town on it, but it's not so good in the rain, and I can't drive it to work....the bad hair factor would be off the charts....

But I love scooting around on it when I can!