Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Short Week

So far, this has been the longest "short week" of my life. Thursday is Thanksgiving, and noone is working after tomorrow. It should be a short week, but it feels already like it's gone on endlessly.

I had a test of patience today with an insecure sales guy and an office full of people who feel like they need to weigh in on everything, even if they know nothing about it. Suddenly, I found myself pulled into a meeting called by a lawyer and an administrative assistant to discuss sales strategy that the VP of Sales and I had already discussed and resolved. What? The lawyer and admin needed to weigh in on Sales Strategy? What? We couldn't get accounting or the receptionist to give us their opinions, too?

PALEEZ people. In my last job, I sold over $110M in business. I think I can handle this decision. Ugh! But I acted like a duck and just let it glide. I have other things to do, worse problems to think about. I refuse to let these little issues upset me.

But I'm glad it's a "short week" anyway. I'll be headed to Texas tomorrow for a few days of R&R, thankfully.

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