Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yes, There is Intelligent Life Outside of the Beltway

I am worried about the redistribution of wealth, and I'm now even more concerned about redistribution of health. But I have the greatest concern that those of us who are voicing our concern and dissent to government-run healthcare are being cast aside as 'extremists' and part of far right-wing organized efforts.

Couldn't it be that regular people, on their own, simply oppose having the government run everything? Maybe some of us want the government out of our lives rather than in charge of our lives. Does that make us extremists? Just because we don't live in D.C. or New York City or L.A. or Chicago, does that mean we don't have a brain in our heads and a right to a voice?

One obvious and constant flaw I've seen in the Obama administration is the inability to take criticism or deal with disagreement. It's an elitist viewpoint that he, not we, knows what's best for us, and that regular people, despite what we say, couldn't possibly be intelligent enough to manage our own lives. This really scares me about our current government. It seeks to control our lives and crush dissent and feels like a Marxist state now more than ever.

Surely, the pendulum will swing back the other direction soon; I just hope it's in time to keep everything from being destroyed.

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