Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

Sometimes I find myself relying too much on external entertainment and not enough on creativity. It's easier to find amusement with something new and interesting....a new toy....than it is to learn to better explore and enjoy the things we currently have in our midst.

So today, I declared a new goal -- to explore and appreciate what I have now. To find new ways, new approaches to old, familiar things in my life. To take the mundane and try to make a different experience out of it. Simple things. Easy things. Everyday things.

For example....with just my husband and I at home, we often slip into the bad habit around dinnertime of loading up a plate and parking in front of the television while we eat. We walk by a beautiful dining table beneath a lovely, dimming light fixture that could change the whole dynamic of dinner, and we don't even think about it. We never consider how much better the dinner experience could be if we just changed it up a bit.
So more eating in front of the TV. Tonight, I set the dining table and called my husband to it, told him it was time for dinner. I dimmed the light, poured the wine, and we enjoyed each other and the setting. It made dinner a whole different experience. And I realize we won't be able to do this every night, but I think we should aim to do that more often than not.

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