Monday, August 17, 2009

Storm Central

2009 has brought us a very quiet hurricane season so far. June....nothing....July, not even a tropical wave....August begins, all quiet. Then suddenly, mid-August, up pop two or three storms, all wandering into our path.
The good news? As quickly as they wandered onto our track, they wobbled right off of it. Tropical Storm Ana is headed west of us, and Hurricane Bill appears to be off to Bermuda....assuming the computer models are right.

Such is hurricane season. When you live on the coast, we just call it summer.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I would be so scared of hurricanes or tornados, tha kind of thing!

M said...

Actually, when you live on the coast, you get used to hurricane season. Despite the hype of the press, it's actually not very often you actually get hit by a storm.

What you heard out of the New Orleans hurricane was a lot of press hype (mostly political), and it was bad because lots of people there did not heed the warnings to get prepared for it. So when it hit, they blamed the govt for it, but it was mostly their own faults. Sad to say.

Notice the difference when a storm hits Florida. Most people get prepared with ample water, flashlights, canned food, etc. and just deal with it. So you don't hear much in the news. Hurricane comes and goes and life goes on because people take responsibility for their own safety.

Bottom line is if you live anywhere by the coast, you have to be prepared and you need to listen to the warnings. If you do, you'll come out fine. It's the price we pay for living in tropical bliss.