Friday, August 29, 2008

I Am Energized!

I could not be more pumped!!!
Congrats to Sarah Palin and all modern women who have waited to see this.


SandDancer said...

How is the "revelation" about her daughter affecting opinion of her over there?

SandDancer said...
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M said...

Mixed bag. The country is so evenly divided and entrenched, it's scary.

If you lean Left, you're looking for any dirt to throw at her, and this is no exception. While those 'above board' are publicly saying that it's a private matter and has no bearing, the Left websites have gone nuts, as expected. But they cater to their entrenched camp, so while it's fun for them to chatter about, it's not swinging any votes.

If you lean Right or even moderately Independent, it's been interesting. It actually seems to have had almost an 'endearing' element to it. Some think that it makes Gov. Palin even more 'like us', because this happens to a lot of families. It's almost a bonding event for mothers in similar situations with daughters out there.

So while the Left tries to use it against her (and not many are listening), the right mostly seems to be dealing with it pretty well.

I think there's also a 'family values' element to it that appeals to many. While one could argue that a lack of family values contributed to causing the situation (a Left view), people also see the fact that she is keeping the child (rather than opting for an abortion or giving it up) as a show of character, strong family values and walking the walk.

It appears that Obama got little to no poll 'bounce' from his convention appearance last week, part of that result being attributed to an altering effect of the announcement of Gov. Palin as McCain's VP pick. This is going to be a very interesting election, more so than we all thought a few months ago.

M said...

Update: It's really getting ugly with the Left wingers -- there appears to be a coordinated effort to attack her on all fronts. They must be SERIOUSLY worried about her addition to the Repub ticket. I've never seen such vitriol and hate being spewed against anyone. Shows you what we are dealing with on the Left in this country, a very ugly group that will stop at nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think this adds a really interesting dimension to the election...

I find the completely OTT reaction to her family etc interesting too especially as she seems a bit more human (dare I say normal?)than the usual tokenistic female robot policitians

M said...

She was fabulous last night. What a breath of fresh air. She's so real, so us, so 'me'! She's the future -- a woman who is showing us how to have it all and not lose her values. Wow. It's about time.