Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Rants

Way too busy and scattered to put together a cohesive and well-organized blog entry, I'll have to settle for capturing the following:

- I just spent 14 of the last 72 hours rolling across the Texas prairie, north to south and then back again, in 100+ degree weather to do a little visit with the folks. Drive was too long, visit was too short.

- My eating habits over the past few days have been more than horrendous. Whenever I go visit my mom, she stuffs me full of the worst foods in the world (but they taste oh so good). This is part of the job of being a mom -- make your adult children eat as much bad food as possible in the shortest amount of time. Food pushers, indeed.

- I am currently hooked on these little red candies called 'Hot Tamales' that are basically jelly beans covered in a cinnamon-charged outer layer and shaped like little red bullets. I am eating them by the handfuls, which is not a good thing. I feel obsessive about it but I think it's really some howling hormones that are out of control. I am not attempting to control them, however, I understand that I will have to deal with their consequences in a few days, when the hormones go away but the extra poundage does not.

- I should be doing some work right now but suffer from a distinct lack of interest in it at the moment.

- I knew John Edwards was a scumbucket. Now, so does everyone else. The lying is probably worse than the affair. People put themselves out for this man; they believed in him. They invested time, money, emotion in him (God only knows why), only to have him look at them and lie, lie, lie. What is it about sex that causes men to risk everything for it?

- Turns out that if John Edwards had come clean early on, it is likely that Hillary Clinton would have won the Democratic nomination instead of Barrack Obama. This makes the second philandering, cheating male politician that has hosed Hillary and tanked her chance at the White House. She really should be developing a distinct disdain for men at this point, shouldn't she?

- We had a cold front swing through today, and it is only 91 degrees out, a welcomed change from the 106 we had EVERY DAY LAST WEEK.

- It's difficult to continue my outdoor exercise routine in this summer heat. I feel myself falling away from it....I go out less often and stay for shorter periods of time. That, coupled with the current obsession with Hot Tamales is bad news for my thighs.

- I have a gyno appointment tomorrow, and the part of that I dread the most is the 'weigh in'. Ugh, that is emotionally brutal. I plan to close my eyes so as to not completely confirm the damage done by the Hot Tamales as of late.

- I am taking some new b.c. pills that are making me antsy. This month is an improvement over last month. I will give it one more month to see if it gets better. Some days are okay but some are making me crazy. Hormones. Ugh!

- The very best thing about my trip to see the folks was my dad. He has recovered from major heart surgery done in January, and he is like a whole new person. I have never seen him in such a good mood and looking so good. It was well worth the trip to give him a big hug and see him smiling and feeling so good. God is great!

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