Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Perspective

Since the start of the Iraq War, over 3500 U.S. soldiers have been killed in action serving our country.

Since last year, 41,059 people were killed driving on our highways.

It's official. Fighting a war in Iraq is a safer proposition than driving a car on a U.S. freeway. Who knew?

Conclusion? We must pull out of our highways immediately.


SandDancer said...

As a non-driver, I'm always astonished at how glib some drivers are about safety. The car is a dangerous piece of machinery in careless hands. I particularly think that sentences over here are often too lenient for drunk drivers.

SandDancer said...
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M said...

Agree, although we do have some pretty staunch penalties here against drunk drivers.

What I think we are lax on are restrictions around cell phone use while driving. Can't count the number of near accidents I've seen where the idiot driver was busy talking on the cell phone. It's especially bad in Dallas -- full of dizzy blondes chattering away at God knows who. It's like they can no longer drive without the phone in their hand. And just WHO are they talking to so diligently? They should be ticketed and have their cell phones suspended immediately.