Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things to Ponder...

- Why is the 'e' key the only one on my keyboard that has almost completely worn off? Do I use more 'e's' than any other letter or just with that much more passion?

- Why do drive-through ATM/cash machines have Braille lettering on the keypad? How many blind people drive through to pick up some quick cash?

- Why do intelligent, driven, ambitious men almost always marry women who are none of those things?

- Why is professional golf split into the PGA (Pro Golfer's Association) and the LPGA (Ladies' Pro Golf Association)? Shouldn't it be the MPGA and the LPGA? Does one simply assume if you are a professional golfer, you are a man, unless otherwise noted?

- Why do I wash and style my hair before I go to the salon to get my hair washed and styled?

- Why do men spend the first minute of a phone conversation talking about the weather in their respective locations? Is this a contest of some sort?

- Why do people bother to buy real diamonds? If you're rich, people will think they're real, even if they're fake. If you're poor, people will think they're fake, even if they're real. So, ultimately, what's the point? Buy faux; spend your money on something else.

- Why are diamonds considered to be rare? You can find them anywhere, in any shop, on any street, in any city, at almost any price. Is this really something RARE?

So much to ponder, so little time... all so very unimportant....


SandDancer said...

E is the most used letter in the alphabet so that makes sense.

The Braille thing judging by how things are done over here, equal provision has to be made regardless of how unlikely it is to be used.

Intelligent ambitious men don't want the competition? Nor perhaps do intelligent ambitious women?

Golf thing - its the same here with other sports so it is assumed you are male taking part in sport unless otherwise noted.

I don't like to go with unclean hair either but I wouldn't actually style it.

In the UK, that isn't limited to men - we all talk about it constantly.

Diamonds - good point but human nature is obviously attracted to sparkly things.

Miss Forthright said...

I totally agree with you M about diamonds. Since one of my diamond earrings fell down the plughole while I was washing my hair I'va always bought faux. I bought some Swarovski crystal studs last week and they're even sparklier than diamonds.

M said...

I lost a diamond stud once as well. My husband offered to buy me a new pair, and I thought 'how ridiculous'...and now I buy cheap fakes at this little Chinese import place for $6 a pair. At that price, who cares how many I lose? And who cares what other people think?