Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thankfully, It's Almost Over

One more day. One more day of the year I'd like to leave behind.

It was a year of ups, downs and much chaos.

It was a year where I experienced the worst day of my far.

It was a year where people surely decided I must be an idiot, because my erratic behavior went unexplained. But I could not talk about what was really going on. I still can't. Maybe someday when it is all over, I can.

It was a year of surprises and ultimate let downs. A year where I scratched my head and wondered why God sent me such challenges. Have I really been such a bad person? Is this something I deserved?
How incorrectly have I been living my life to have achieved such a result as this?

It was a year unlike any other. And I hope I can look back and recognize it as an anomoly, and not the norm from now on.

I don't want to relive it. I don't want to think about it. I don't even want to remember it. I just want to move on.
Goodbye 2007. And good riddance.


northern monkey said...

You've had a tough year but your positivity, strength of character and your unwavering faith have seen you through the dark moments and I'm sure will get you through this difficult patch. Wishing you and yours all the best for the new year.

NM x

M said...

Many thanks NM, for such kind words.

If there is a bright spot, it is that I have really learned how faith in a higher being can get you through the dark times, especially when you realize there is absolutely no one else to help you. A lesson I will carry forward.