Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Rare Jewel

And let's not forget about her.

An extraordinarily beautiful and charming Texas girl, she was from my home town. We all wore our hair like hers for years, too many years, but they were some of the best hair years of my life.

She seems a bit overlooked today, unfortunately upstaged by the death of Jacko on the same day. But she won't be forgotten. That sort of rare beauty doesn't come along very often. She's someone you just wanted to stare at, no matter your gender. And even as she aged, she didn't really lose the sparkle. She was a rare jewel, the likes of which we don't see often enough.

We knew her until she was 62 years old. But the photo above is how we think of her, circa 1976, no matter how old she got. That's pretty hard for a public figure to pull off, to freeze herself in time, even as she aged before us, but she did it.
Well done, Farrah. Another big-haired Texas girls salutes you.

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

You know, I saw a post which said it was kind of sad that she seemed to be forgotten today, overshadowed by the death of MJ. But then someone said, slightly sad but perhaps a blessing in disguise for her family. I hate the way the media jumps on the families involved. I hate that Jermaine Jackson, instead of grieving, had to do a press conference confirming the death. MJ is so big a deal, at least Farrah's family can grieve in peace.