Friday, April 17, 2009

REAL Makes a Comeback

FINALLY. Someone who is NOT a 19-year old half-naked, spray-tanned, boob-jobbed, lip plumped harlet who can't sing live to save her life.

Real is making a comeback.

NOW PLEASE -- No 'handlers', no makeovers, no personal trainer, no sassy new hairdo, no fashion police, no, no, no. Just leave her as she is. She's perfect.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

She made me cry and I have watched her so many times on you tube!

M said...

Everyone I know cried when they saw this. She has touched a nerve all over the world with a single song. Even the biggest, baddest music marketing machine couldn't make that sort of thing happen for so-called 'stars' like Britney.

This woman has something going on, and I hope nobody ruins it by trying to make her 'attractive'. NO NO NO!

Feet In The Earth said...

I cried as well. I really hope she wins.

M said...

Oh I think she's already won..and I don't mean the show. She'll have some sort of singing career now, whether she wins BGT or not. She's won hearts around the world. An amazing combination of the power of the internet and human emotion. Very powerful indeed.