Monday, April 27, 2009

Ever Heard of Photoshop?

Yes, it is New York City.

Yes, it is a low-flying 747.

No, it's not 9-11 all over again.

But try to tell that to the people of NYC who panicked today when this was the sight out their windows.

In actuality, it's an Air Force One photo op -- the White House is updating their pictures. This morning, over lower Manhattan and the Hudson River.

No, really. They were.

They didn't tell anyone; they didn't warn the people of New York City; they didn't even bother to call the mayor and alert him. They just flew the planes in this morning.

People panicked; they left their offices; they evacuated buildings; they ran for their lives. Wouldn't you?

The mayor of New York City is completely pissed, and why shouldn't he be?

Again, a prime example of the AMATEURS we have in the White House.

Imagine the hue and cry if BUSH had done this. Oy.

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