Friday, February 6, 2009

No Dirty Laundry

Things have been wall-to-wall lately across my small piece of Earth, and while all I can say is I've been terribly busy, I don't even think I could say doing what. Just life stuff, I guess. It's just been a blurr. But nothing terribly interesting in it, so I'm having a hard time finding something to write about.

I have indeed been busy, some days so busy I don't make it out of my sweat pants. I generally work from home office (thankfully) and the progression of wardrobe throughout the day is usually PJs, sweats, and then finally something I can actually leave the house in if I want. But lately, I've been stuck in the sweats all day long. So it's been PJs to sweats, and sweats to PJs, mostly.

I usually get started at the computer around 8am, and before I know it, I'm sitting here in my sweats at 6pm wondering what happened to the day. The upside is that there's very little laundry to do these days. Indeed, I guess I've been busy with everything but laundry. So yes, there is a silver lining in all this blurrrrr.


SandDancer said...

I've been the same recently, busy but not in a worth writing about way. If the blog is being neglected, usually the laundry is too.

Months ago you wrote about the film In Bruges. I just got around to seeing this last night. I remembered your recommendation but knew nothing about it. I really enjoyed it. I think having Colin Farrell in it made me assume it was going to be a lot more mainstream than it was. It was a very quirky off-beat story.

M said...

It was quite a good flick, wasn't it? Funny, touching in parts, quirky characters. I've never been a Colin Farrell fan, but I really enjoyed his performance in this.

I really like the Indie films so much better because the characters are usually so interesting. Two more which are among my fave flicks: Juno and Waitress. Have you seen them?

SandDancer said...

I loved Juno. Not seen Waitress - I'll add it to my list.

M said...

Waitress is the cutest film - the characters and dialogue are such fun. I've seen it more than once but it didn't hit my faves list until the 2nd or 3rd time, so maybe you have to spend some time with it before you really fall for it. Do let me know what you think of it after you've seen it.

SandDancer said...

We watched Waitress last night. It was great. I loved the bits where she related her moods to different pies.

Such a shame that the director/writer actress was killed because she was obviously rather talented.

M said...

I did not know that; yes, that is too bad.

I just loved the film. So cute.