Thursday, June 19, 2008

London, Too!

Looks like I will make a pit stop in London on my way to France in mid-July, and I'm pumped about it. We are taking the opportunity, while we are 'in the neighborhood' to stop by and visit our colleagues there. I'm not sure how long I'll be there....or arrival/departure dates...but I'm pumped about it all the same.

One burning question for my British friends out there: Hose or no hose? It's become a real question here in the U.S., even Barrack Obama's wife talked about it yesterday. (she says 'no' to panty hose)

So is it okay to go to the office with bare legs? I do it here....but how does it play in London...and Paris?

Priorities, you know....


SandDancer said...

I think it depends on the office. My work place, being in the arts, pretty much anything goes and I often come in with bare legs in the summer. However, I do know people who work in more corporate environments who have to wear tights (as we call them). I'd probably err on the side of caution and wear them (you can always take them off later if you think its acceptable)

M said...

Hmmm...I think I'll wear pants and bypass the issue altogether. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

As sanddacner says - it depends on the office.

I work in a very corporate environment which cna be fairly relaxed on clothing so on hot days bare legs are ok, however some of my friends work in the city and this is a definite no no. One friend's employer actually specifies in her contractual code of conduct no bare legs, peep toe shoes or strappy tops (even under a suit)!.

Don't know whcih sector you work in but I'd say Trousers is a safe bet!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add when I've done business in France - it's very formal for the office, especially in paris. Although the Parisian women are so very classy and chic that I always felt underdressed and a bit scruffy!

A trouser suit with heels always seemed to pass muster

M said...

Thank you both for your direction on that.

I remember years ago, we had a girl visit us in Dallas from our California office, and she came in bare legged, whilst the rest of us were strangled daily in our hose. We thought she was a real harlet at the time. LOL So I don't want to make a wardrobe cultural faux pas if I can help it.

I may be booking to come in a day ahead of my meeting in London (to recover). Offices are at both Wardour Road and Wandsworth Road. Anyone close by?

Miss Forthright said...

So, you're coming to London? Let me know the date!

Miss F- and no my real name is not Nicola Leeson :o)

M said...

Okay, NOT Nicola Leeson - an email has been sent!