Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Yawn and a Vote

It's such a shame. With an office as important as the President of the United States, you'd think I could get behind somebody and get motivated or excited by a candidate. But so far, it just isn't happening.

Tonight is the Florida primary, where it's all very preliminary and doesn't actually elect anyone...but it determines who begins to rank as the frontrunner in each party and who will find it much easier to raise money and continue the race as we move towards November and decide on party nominations.

For me, in the end, it'll be an easy choice. I'll vote for whoever runs against Hillary in the general election. But it's such a shame to be voting more against a candidate than for one. You'd think out of 300 million people, someone to be excited about would emerge. But not yet. There seems to be a major flaw with all of them.


SandDancer said...

Its always interesting to hear the opinions of someone actually over there.

From what I have seen of the Republican candidates, I don't like any of them much but very little space has been given to them over here. Most of the media here is reporting on the Democrats side of things, almost as if it is foregone conclusion that whoever wins that will be the next President, which is incredibly naive.

Do you think Hilary will win rather than Obama?

I've always pretty much felt that I'm motivated to vote against someone rather than for. I still always vote though but its no wonder that so many people don't bother really.

M said...

Despite the fervor around Obama, I still think Hillary will win the Dem nomination. The Clinton machine is very determined, and they will stop at nothing to get back into power. And that means doing anything to anybody who might get in their way, so look out. They're not known for their ethics, that's for sure.

As for the Republicans, I wish I could take a piece of each candidate and meld it into one person. I like McCain's take on national security and the war, but I don't like his stance on immigration, and I don't see him as very strong on the economy. He's also had some very liberal views throughout his terms as a Republican Senator, which makes many Pubbies distrust him.

As for others -- I like Romney, but I don't think he can beat Hillary. He's a terrific businessman, and let's face it -- the US is probably the largest business in the world -- and I like many of his positions. But I don't think he will beat Hillary, because Independents will think him too conservative and perhaps a bit too much like Bush.

As for Huckabee -- likable, but too far Christian right (or at least perceived so).

I liked Guiliani somewhat at first, but his campaign totally imploded, and he's dropping out now. I have no idea what happened to that guy, but his campaign strategist should be burned at the stake at this point.

So the bottom line for me is to not really care who gets the Repub nomination....I'll just hold my nose and vote for them, so we don't have to suffer through the Clinton thing once again. Ugh! I don't think I could take it.