Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Show Does Not Go On

The Golden Globe Awards were supposed to be on television tonight, but they cancelled the show due to the Hollywood Writers Guild strike.

I must say....I don't miss them a bit. I wouldn't have even noticed that they weren't happening if the press hadn't constantly pointed it out for us. That's how important they are -- you don't even notice when the show doesn't go on.

Up next? They're tossing around the notion of cancelling the Oscars, too. While that could be a little disappointing for those of us who see an over-the-top red carpet session as a guilty pleasure, I bet I get over that one quickly, too. In fact, the less we see of the spoiled overblown celebrities, the better off we probaby all are.

But while I don't give a rat's patootie if the celebrities show up on my television again, I do regret that the Writers Guild strike is affecting everyday people in the biz. Wealthy celebs can probably wait it out financially, but their supporting cast -- makeup artisits, limo drivers, wardrobe people, etc. -- are beginning to find it difficult to pay the mortgage. Because when the writers and the actors don't work, neither do they. And nobody gets paid.

Except for the fact that I hate to see the 'little people' suffer, personally I wouldn't mind if they cancelled Hollywood, totally.


SandDancer said...

You make a very interesting point because I hadn't really thought about those others. I was thinking of the writers as the little people, which they are in comparision to the actors & presenters, but not the rest of the crew that make things happen.

Besides that it has highlighted how ridiculous it is that show presenters get paid so much when they rely so heavily on scripted material.

The other downside though is what will they fill up television with instead - over here the answer is more reality television (because certain channels over here rely on USA imports heavily).

M said...

They say the economy in Los Angeles is beginning to crumble. People in the biz aren't eating out, shopping etc., so it really does trickle all the way down.

It truly does highlight how overpaid the actors are. If they were truly talented, they wouldn't have to rely so heavily on scripts. Goes to show you that they really are just another pretty face....and non-contributors, unless they have the intelligence of a writer behind them.