Thursday, January 3, 2008

My List

Okay, okay....I tried to avoid it, but I'm feeling the blogosphere pressure to step up and inventory some of my own New Years resolutions. Perhaps 'resolutions' is too strong a let's call them my 'aspirations' for 2008:

- To show more gratitude in the coming year. To be grateful for the blessings I have and to not always want more. Gratitude will be a key driver in my life in 2008.

- To live less in the material world and more in the spiritual world. To realize that 'things' will never feed my soul.

- To give more to others and keep less for myself.

- To help illuminate the darkness, both for myself and others.

- To be kinder to my husband, who is the kindest person I know.

- To be more patient with the shortcomings of others.

- To seek balance in life.

- To hold my head high with honor and integrity, no matter what challenge comes my way. To be the model of grace under pressure.

- To honor and glorify the Creator every day.

- To get to the gym one more day a week and take my vitamins daily, because if I feel good physically, it'll be easier to achieve all the other things on this list.

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