Monday, April 19, 2010

Another One, already?

It's almost here again. The annual turning of the page. The age page. And boy don't I hate that now.

I'm beginning to wade into numbers I really don't like -- and I mean knee deep into them, solidly in the mix. I am too old to be cool and too young to be old. I'm in nowhere's land, and it's not like I can get excited about the numbers ahead of me either.

Yikes. I realize it's better than the alternative, but PALEEZ, somebody slow down the calendar.

1 comment:

Anonymous Girl said...

They do say that the years go by quicker as they pile up- I'm finding that myself!

Hope you're well, M. It's Natalie, by the way, aka Feet In The Earth. Haven't spoken to you in a while- I'm 6 months pregnant at the moment!

Good luck with the potential NY job x