Friday, November 6, 2009

No More Soy

I've just spent the worst month of my life having 'female' problems, and it's not over yet. Ugh. Not only is it the physical issue, the stress and emotional angst along the way are significant. I'm exhausted.

My mind has been everywhere on this. Is it fibroids? Cancer? What? I'm working with my doctor to try to resolve it via medication vs. something more invasive. Turns out that we think it's a hormone imbalance, and yes, all of a sudden...out of the blue.

What could cause such a thing...out of the blue? Believe it or not - SOY MILK. I've just read the dangers of soy milk and the most noted issue with it is that it contains estrogen, which mimicks human hormones in the system and can throw a woman's cycles way off balance. How did I track this down? About a month ago, I started drinking two glasses of soy milk a day with a vitamin supplement in it. I stopped because it was upsetting my digestion. Then a week later, all this started. This is after 30 years of relatively healthy female cycles. BOOM. Suddenly, my hormones are out of whack.

A friend tells me that her gynecologist told her not to drink soy milk because she did not want her sensitve hormone balance to become impaired. Seems like a long shot, but it looks like that's exactly what happened to mine.

So here's a warning from someone who's been there - if you find yourself having PMS, mid-cycle bleeding, cramps or other issues, stop drinking the soy. Put it down and walk away from it. But don't listen only to me -- Google it -- articles on 'the dangers of soy' bring up some distressing information. I can't believe this isn't more widely known by the world. Where is the FDA on this?

And reading beyond my own problems, studies are suggesting that infants who drink soy-based milk are at risk -- baby girls are getting as much estrogen hormone from a soy diet as 10 birth control pills! And we wonder why our daughters are growing breasts and starting periods by age 9 or 10. It's the hormones, stupid!

I only hope I can get this back into balance soon. And I will never, ever touch a drop of soy milk ever again.


SandDancer said...

Yikes. Scary stuff. I don't like the taste of it anyway so have never really drank it. Hope you regain your balance soon.

Candlelight said...

Blimey, I didn't know this, and soy milk is the only milk I have! Eeek! I'll get cow's milk in future.

M said...

Yes, I was shocked to learn this as well. Suggest you Google it to find out more.

If you don't want to go back to cow's milk, try almond milk. A lot of people I know who have abandoned soy have opted for that.