Sunday, March 1, 2009

Up in Arms

While I do think Michelle Obama is an attractive woman, I truly do not see her as a fashion icon in the realm of Jackie Kennedy, and I find it laughable that some in the press are trying to sell that notion to the public. Paleez.
While she generally looks okay, I couldn't help but think this look was fairly inappropriate for her first official appearance as First Lady in the First Lady's Box in front of Congress for official State business.

She arrived in bare arms in February (brrrrr) and while everyone else seemed to be dressed for a business occasion, she seemed ready for a social occasion. It was a bit unseasonal, bordering on unprofessional and almost to the level of being distracting. Even the small girl next to her had her arms covered. And Jill Biden (to the right) figured it out.

What was Michelle thinking? Does she not have people to advise her on these things? Does she not know it's 30 degrees outside? Did she not get the memo on the dress code? She could have very simply tossed on a jacket over this, and it would have been suitable for the occasion.
It's occurred to me that Obama continues to act like he's still on the campaign trail (somebody needs to tell him he won the election, and he can stop touring the country with campaign-type speeches). Looks like someone needs to clue in Michelle, as well.

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