Friday, March 20, 2009

Hitting the Sauce

So here was my Friday night:

  • Worked late.

  • Went to dinner with husband at local Italian hotspot.

  • Wore favorite (and expensive) Boho dress and cropped denim jacket combo. Rockin.

  • Had pasta with best organic marinara sauce ever. Fabulous.

  • Paid $11 for a $3 glass of wine.

  • Watched as waiter cleared our table before he proceeded to dump the entire plate of remaining food and marinara sauce all over floor, which included a spattering of it on favorite boho dress. Good thing I liked the sauce so much since I was now wearing it.

  • Manager and 3 other waiters came over and had things cleaned up in less than 2 minutes, except for my dress, of course.

  • Manager kindly comps the entire meal, knowing that the dress will be headed to the dry cleaners in an ambulance ASAP.

  • We tipped the waiter anyway. He was a nice guy, and it was an accident.

Hey, it happens. We'll go back. The food was fabulous and cheap. It cost us the equivalent of a dry cleaning bill. :)

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