Sunday, March 23, 2008

Faith and Hope

I realize in this day and time, spirituality, faith and religion are considered by many 'progessives' to be outdated, frivolous, even a sign of a lack of intelligent thinking. Any mention of God, and one is automatically labeled a nutcase, clouded by myth and incapable of logical, independent thinking. You suddenly become 'one of those crazies', spoken of in hushed tones, with rolled eyes.

Well, isn't that just too bad. In this day and time, I think we need God more than ever in our lives. Pick your religion, your faith, your deity...whatever works for you. Without it, I don't understand how anyone can have hope. And what is life without hope?

Like many Christians, I attended church this Easter morning. The message? Renewal. Each and every day, we have a chance to start over. No matter how bad your thoughts or actions were today, yesterday, the day before....each and every new sunrise offers the opportunity for renewal. A chance to turn it all around. Hope. There's that word again.

So...believe in something. Embrace something. Find hope in something. If you've never been able to make the leap, tomorrow offers the chance to start all over and do just that. Afterall, what do you have to lose?

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