Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Good Things

Haven't had time or motivation to blog all week, but I have a few minutes tonight, and I just felt like writing down some of the random good things that happened today:

- It's Friday AND payday.
- I managed to sleep later than normal this morning and still get to work on time.
- It was a textbook beautiful day out, almost cliche. I drove to and from work with the Mini sunroof open. The sunshine was pure joy.
- I had a good hair day, especially for a Friday, when it's usually spent and has given its all.
- I got an email from a friend who has taken a high profile job with an international firm, and he is seeking me out to perhaps join him. This could lead me to finally fulfill my career goal of working abroad. Within the next couple of years, I may be living and working in London. And then...Italy...from whence I may never return. *sigh*
- The horrible things going on with my husband's business have not been resolved, but we got a little bit of positive news on it today.
- I came up with a rockin' idea at work this morning, and people are actually running with it.
- I ate 'party food' for dinner tonight -- smoked marlin dip with water crackers, grapes, cheese, kalamata olives and a glass of red wine.
- My husband has been out of town but is returning late this evening, so I will have him to snuggle with tonight.
- I am getting 27.5 miles per gallon around town in the Mini.
- My dad had a good post-surgery visit with his cardiologist today.

By all measures, today was a decent day, and I am thankful for it.


SandDancer said...

Good news all round, especially about your dad. But the possibility of working in Europe is very exciting! Keep us "posted".

M said...

I will keep you posted. I would still expect it to be a couple of years off, but my friend just returned from doing a stint in Munich for two years, so he knows how to get that done. Could be very exciting!