Friday, October 26, 2007

Urban Bliss

It's Friday night. We spent the week moving into downtown Dallas from the 'burbs. 30 miles later, bliss. It's a really good thing.

Even though I'm in Florida working most of the time now, I'm happy to have the "other place" in a more dynamic part of Dallas. I feel like an urbanite, a city dweller now. Shops and cafes are nearby. Buses go down my street. I can walk to Starbucks. Things are just more interesting here. Yesterday....I saw a biker dude type with long blonde braids and a bright blue beard. You have to love whatever hallucinogen-induced thought process is behind that combination, God bless him. :)

I'm going to try to work from Dallas one week out of the month (which equates to about ten days when you include weekends), and three weeks from the Florida bungalow. I've discovered that my "escape" is wherever I'm not working....the place where the job is NOT. So Florida used to feel like the escape, and now Dallas does. Funny how that happens.
Tonight, I am incredibly tired. I have a million things to do, to organize, to put away. And instead, I'm sipping a glass of chardonnay, listening to the sounds of the city outside my window, watching the skyscraper lights twinkle. The Dallas skyline is right outside my window (see photo above). It's a really good thing.
What would make tonight better? I could really use a new Daniel Craig flick. That woudl be divine. Daniel, lover, hurry up and hit the cinema again soon. I'm ready and waiting.

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