Monday, October 22, 2007

Dallas Week

Working from home in Dallas today. Although it'll only be "home" for a few more days, as we are moving our things out and into the townhouse downtown on Thursday. While the move is grueling, it hasn't been as grueling as dealing with all the real estate issues and decisions over the past year. That's been the hard part. Brutal is the only way to describe it.

And I know people must think we are crazy. Moving, not moving. Selling, not selling. On again, off again. Dallas, Florida. On and on. But what they don't know is that we haven't exactly been in full control of the helm this year. We've had several unanticipated things happen to us to cause us to make odd decisions, change our minds, go back to start, move left and then right. Through the uneducated eye, we look like complete dolts, for the most part. Can't get a direction, can't make up our minds, don't know what we want. But, what they don't know is that our usual direct path has been tossed about by things out of our control. And they're very personal things (like a miscarriage and the current disaster we are dealing with), so I do not wish to explain them to the world. So I'll just go on and let them think I'm flighty and an idiot. What can you do?

I'll be here the balance of the week, through Sunday, then I'll return to Florida to work from the HQ office again. Technically, Florida is now home, although as a native Texan, one never quite leaves the big state for long. Have to touch base often or they won't renew my visa. :)

In the future, I am hoping to be able to work remotely for one week out of the month from Dallas. I should be able to, as pretty much everyone in the office does that sort of thing. And that would be bliss! Three weeks a month in Florida, one week a month in Dallas. Perfect.

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