Sunday, October 31, 2010

Forgetting Halloween

I forgot about Halloween, about how much I used to love Halloween.  It was my favorite holiday for the longest time.  And then I forgot about it.  Work got too busy, life got too busy; it seemed like a bother every year when it rolled around.  Suddenly it was something that was upon me before I knew it.  It took energy, it took time and thought away from my focus which was work, work, work. 

And what happened this year?  Almost the same thing.  Except I received a dinner invitation from a new friend for Halloween weekend. A small gathering, just 3 couples...yet she suggested activities as if there were more of us....costumes and pumpkin carving....oh what a bother for only 6 of us.  Clearly this girl, who does not work, has too much time on her hands.

Nevertheless, we obliged, went to the gathering, costumed it up, carved pumpkins willingly...admired her passion for Halloween decorating....she had tended to every detail in the house to make it feel like we had walked right into Halloween.  And as it turned out, it reminded me of me when I used to take the time, when I loved the holiday, when I looked forward to it.  It reminded me of how now I just let things go by....things that should be noted and celebrated and cherished...and I just let them blow by without 'wasting' energy or thought on them.  And I decided that I need to stop doing that.  No more.  Things need to be given their props and celebrated passionately.  It's what life is all about.  Otherwise, the days and weeks and months just start to blur and run together, as I skip expending energy on birthdays, holidays and other things that should be of note but haven't been lately.

So thank you to my friend.  Thank you for reminding me that somehow I have lost the person who used to have a passion for these things.  And now is the time to stop myself and figure out a way to get that back.

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