Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pure Garbage

I've been purposely not shopping. Trying to keep the budget in line, trying to work with what's already in my closet, trying to forego the fall fashion scene. But this past weekend, I hit my limit. When I couldn't find anything decent to wear, I broke down and decided to go do a little shopping.

Not a major outing, mostly a search for some casual tops to wear with jeans, a few long sleeves to take me through light fall days, because what's currently in my closet is either sleeveless (tanks, strappies, sleeveless tees) or turtleneck sweaters. Nothing in between, except for the tops that have gotten too short and wide after 10 washings.

What is it about casual tops? They never become too long and narrow to wear, always too short and wide. And I am a tall lady, so this is particularly annoying. How does that happen, anyway? Why does everything shrink in that same direction so suddenly? One day it's fine, and the next, the shrinkage fairy has struck. Suddenly, something that fit last week is now too wide for my torso, and too short to touch the top of my jeans. I don't get that.

So anyway, I went out to do a little shopping, and you know what? I couldn't find a damn thing to buy. I have never seen so much trash in my life. Things that are just awful! Bad design, cheap fabric, awful fit, poor quality. Everywhere.

I thought...I'm in the wrong shops....the good stuff must be at a higher price point. Time to upgrade! So I did, and it simply got worse. It was just more bad stuff, with higher price tags.

Who are these buyers? What are they thinking? Who do they think they're dressing with this crap?

I spent an entire afternoon in one of the top shopping plazas in town, and I came away with nothing. NOTHING, I tell you!

Dallas, we have a problem.

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