Monday, September 3, 2007

All Dressed Up and Some Place to Go

I'm in Texas today but will be jetting back to South Florida this afternoon to begin my new job tomorrow. Yay!!

I'll be going in as a consultant, not a regular employee, but that's mostly semantics, as it's easier to get me started this way, since it keeps my boss from having to go to his 'uppers' to get approval for an unbudgeted position. The plan is to plug me in now and make me permanent as a position evolves over the next few months.

I'm very excited and flattered that my boss has made room for me in his organization, even when it doesn't really exist. There's definitely a need for some talent; there just isn't an official 'opening' for it at the moment. But he's found a way to make it happen anyway. Yay him! Yay me!

So this weekend, I had to run out and buy some new work clothes. I had a few things, but my working wardrobe had dwindled over the past year, so I needed to replenish. Thankfully, everything was on sale, and I scored some great stuff. I found a $600 pinstripe suit on sale for $200. It was a spectacular find and a real shopping coup because I found the jacket and the pants on separate sale racks, the only ones left, both size 4. I reunited them as a set in the dressing room, and they fit perfectly. That was pure shopping GOLD.

I also bought some separates to serve as 'gap fillers' that pair well with skirts and pants already in my closet, plus two great dresses which can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories. And I found all this within two hours. I was like a whirlwind through the shopping mall on Saturday. Topped it off with a pair of black patent open toe sling-back pumps and a pair of black open-toe ballet flats with a slight wedge heel. All wonderfully interchangeable with most everything in my closet.

So with job in hand, new clothes on my back, some great new shoes and a spring in my step, I am ready to go. More than ready.


northern monkey said...

congratulations on the job and the excellent shopping trip!

Miss Forthright said...

Well done M!